Press Release
KIGIS, Prepared company in COVID-19 crisis.



Although the whole world has been fighting a hard battle against this terrible virus "COVID-19", KIGIS Team is well prepared for order processing as usual. Furthermore, we are committed to expedite deliveries to our customers.

The production facility in Seoul has already been fully equipped with hygienic environment incl. hand sanitizer, mask, latex glove etc. Likewise, the building has been protected by experienced managers who restrict people from entries without masks, not to mention South Korea's public organizations that take preventive measures against the virus.


Thanks to raw materials being sufficiently in stock without any notable change in the lead time.

For the protection of our office, we limit visitors from outside and avoid gatherings as much as possible by switching most meetings to video conference calls instead.

We promise to keep on monitoring the severe situation world-widely and try our best to meet the customers' demands. We believe we can overcome this crisis together. Hope you stay safe and healthy with KIGIS. 

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