Press Release
Social Distancing Solution by Kyungwoo Systech

With the widespread impact from Corona Virus (COVID-19), many workplaces have temporarily closed their doors for personal safety, not to mention the employees working from home to help reduce the spread. 

Maintaining efficiency with a limited or restricted workforce has never been more crucial than ever. 

Essential businesses, on the other hand, that have been deemed paramount to our current endeavors are rapidly ramping up production even nowadays.


Social distancing movement is recognized as the one-and-only alternative solution for keeping our daily lives until a new vaccine is developed. 

Thus, good infrastructure must be introduced to promote mobility and sustainable workplaces with cohesive where workers check in on other workers.


Kyungwoo Systech provides "Social Distancing Solution" with plans to care for customers, partners and communities in this critical situation where the COVID-19 is spreading worldwide.



The versatility of our social distancing solution has allowed our team to develop a range of safety features to protect workers and customers
and to ensure they comply with social distancing guidelines in your work site.

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