UWB Technology based proximity alert system.


We are living in the era of industry 4.0 (so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’) which is driven by mass-data availability, connectivity, and machine learning technology.

Eventually, this will impact cost operation, efficiency, and productivity. Machine become smarter than human and we are believing this triggered to establish ‘Smart Factory’.


Thanks to this ‘Smart Factory’ where all the data become collective and manageable, it also created a safety technology. As the factory makes better decisions faster to 

increase efficiency, the technology protects the human with an intelligent decision and helps them achieve the job. The job must be done, yet safely. 



Now the key is how to make the safety equipment smart by combining the technology.



KIGIS IPAS (Intelligent Proximity Alert System) could be the one of keys that makes the working space smarter and safer. It is a safety-assisting system which prevents 

collisions between pedestrians and vehicles by signaling dangers in 2-way communication to both driver and pedestrian in an industrial site. Each device determines the distance

from the vehicle tag based on the time delay of the return signal. IPAS is designed with UWB (Ultra-wide band) technology. This is the core technology to measure the distance 

precisely and provides highly reliable collision warnings.



Key benefits of IPAS:


  Reliable technology-based system for accident reduction.


  People protection solution for all workers.


 Safety-assisting system in various industries.


  High usability of individual device.





Intelligent Proximity Alert System based on UWB technology

The term ultra-wideband (UWB) commonly refers to signals that have a large relative bandwidth or a large absolute bandwidth. 

The use of large transmission bandwidth allows for several benefits, including accurate ranging, robustness to propagation fading, 

impressive obstacle penetration, and interference rejection.

UWB technology modulates impulse-based waveforms instead of continuous carrier waves.




UWB-based proximity alert system is the Industrial anti-collision system.

UWB technology has benefits of high precision, transmission speed and its reliable. It is predestined for measuring the distance between 

moving vehicles and pedestrians in a small-scale and complex industrial environment.

National forklift safety day on 8th June is coming.

The industry statistics in the United States cite a 90% probability of a forklift being involved in a serious injury or fatality accident. 

The biggest accident type is crushed by a vehicle tipping over following with crushed between the vehicle and a surface. 

Approximately, 80% of forklift accidents involve a pedestrian. People are concerned about being struck or run over by a forklift.


The safety should be the top of mind.

“Think safe, work safe, home safe.” With this slogan, KIGIS safety technology helps you to create the right solution for your safety. 






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