USNES is a safety assistance system that prevents collisions between vehicle and objects at industrial sites. Based on ultrasonic sensing technology, USENS detects objects within the range and also alerts driver of the collision.

Ultra Sonic Wave Sensor
· Model. UPD-K01

The ultrasonic sensor installed in front/rear of the vehicle detects objects or pedestrians located in the warning area. When it detects the ones, the Indicator makes an alert, and it helps drivers prevent collisions.

  • ·Proximity Detection System for Industrial Vehicle
  • ·Different Alert by Detected Distance
  • ·2W Internal Speaker
  • ·Supporting 20W External Speaker(Optional)

※ The result can vary according to specifications of obstacles and measurement condition.

Warehouses, factories, construction sites, mining sites and ports are confronted with safety accident on a daily task.
IPAS is available to with all kinds of industrial vehicles. (forklift, excavator, wheel loader, tractor)
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Construction site
  • Mining site
  • Ports
ULTRASONIC SENSOR detects objects within the range from 0.3 to 3 meters. When detecting an object, CONTROLLER makes audible alert “beep”. At the same time, it provides visual alert by LED light. The sensor is installed on the front and on the rear side of the vehicle.

USENS detects the object within the range from 0.3 to 3.0 meters. When the object is detected, the Controller makes audible alert ‘beep’ as well as provides visual alert by LED light. USENS is installed on the front and rear side of the vehicle.

Product Sensor Indicator
Model UPD-K01-01 UPD-K01-01
Product image
Nominal Voltage 10.5Vdc (Supplied by Indicator) 12 / 24Vdc
Operating Voltage - 9 ~ 32Vdc
LIN LIN 2.1 Slave(USS.2) LIN 2.1 MASTER(USS.1)
Warning Alarm - Sound / LED
Detecting Distance 0.25 ~ 3m -
Detecting Angle 65°(H) / 65°(V) -
Dimension 118×89.5×78mm (Bracket Included) 160×95×32mm
Operating Temperature -30 ~ 85°C -30 ~ 85°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85°C -40 ~ 85°C
Enclosure IP67 IP65